Animal Health Planning System Features - Vet practice management

  • Farm client herd & flock data all in one central place
    All beef & sheep records for clients are now in the one place.
  • Practices can manage vet accounts
    Practice administrators can create, update and archive vet accounts within their practice (caters for locum vets).
  • Vet collaboration within practice
    Vets have access to all the practice's health plans. If a vet isn't familiar with a particular farm they can quickly get up to speed by reviewing the client's health plans.
  • Manage farm holdings and access levels
    Vets and practice administrators can create accounts for their clients, allowing them to get started on health planning immediately. Accounts that are no longer in use can be archived.
  • Set favourite products
    Create a list of preferred practice products. This list of commonly prescribed treatments can then be referred to when setting up client health plans.
  • Practice Logo(s)
    Personalise your client's health plan with the addition of your practice logo(s) to your client's health plan cover page.