Animal Health Planning System Features - Time saving health planning

  • Save time by copying forward health plans
    Rather than re-creating the next year's health plan from scratch, the system allows you to copy forward the key information from a previous year's health plan. If the same performance, disease or biosecurity issues are encountered then the action plans are automatically retrieved and can be further refined. This feature saves both the farmer and vet valuable time.
  • Default recommendations are easily inserted
    We provide lists of industry standard biosecurity recommendations. These recommendations can easily be inserted into health plans to produce a comprehensive biosecurity action plan, once again saving valuable time.
  • Access to Appendices for an additional source of health plan related information
    The Appendices section provides an additional information resource for our users. Examples are livestock recording templates, investigation protocols and technical information notes.
  • Health plan data collection templates
    This may be of particular use when no internet connection is available. Farmers that don't have access to the internet can still benefit from the system - your vet practice may offer a bureau service.
  • Farm Assurance templates