Animal Health Planning System Features - Reporting

  • Detailed reporting on flock/herd performance figures
    Compare physical performance measures, flock/herd targets, or disease incidence figures.
  • Compare your data against the system data
    For each measure we present the upper, median and lower quartiles from data recorded within the system.
  • View reports at a detailed or summarised level
    Reports can be generated for individual flocks or herds or for the enterprise year after year.
  • Graphs showing year-on-year performance
    Use the graphs to display the herd & flock production or disease data.
  • Customisable system filters to narrow your search results
    Want to compare your specific enterprise against other similar enterprises? A variety of filter combinations are available within the reports section to further refine your query. For example, you can compare your data against similar enterprises at a county level.
  • Downloadable tabular reports
    Tabular results can be downloaded into Excel spreadsheets or CSV files for your own customisations and use.