Animal Health Planning System Features - Quality Assurance

  • Advanced validation rules to ensure high data quality
    Throughout the health plan there are a number of data validation rules to ensure that invalid data isn't entered accidentally. This ensures that the quality of data in the reports is high and reliable for interpretation.
  • Health plan validity providing peace of mind
    Each step of the health plan has complex validation rules, where if a step is left incomplete or requires review, the step icon will show red to indicate it's invalid. If the step icon is green it means that there are no problems with the data entered and nothing further requires attention on that step.
  • All updates are audited
    Every update to a health plan is recorded, therefore should vets need to know who made a change to a health plan - information can be provided. If there is a litigation problem then there is a robust auditing system in place if required.
  • Secure and Confidential
  • Regular data backups
  • High performance
  • Centrally managed