Animal Health Planning System Features - Comprehensive yet concise health planning

  • Health planning for sheep enterprises and beef suckler herds
  • Structured health plans
    Composed of 4 key sections - data collection, problem analysis, action planning and summary, including:
    * in-depth physical performance analysis
    * flock/herd target setting & cost analysis of achieving targets
    * review of current treatment and farm management practices
    * monitoring of disease incidence
    * review of current biosecurity measures
    * action planning on physical performance, targets, disease and biosecurity issues,
    * summary of action plans
    * calendar of scheduled events
    * (summary of benchmarking outputs for our AWMP users)
  • Concise health planning for farmers and collaboration with agricultural consultants
    Farmers and agricultural consultants see the sections most relevant to them, the data collection and summary sections.
  • Dynamic living document
    Farmers and vets can collaborate online sharing and communicating information whenever it becomes available. For example:
    * To allow performance to be monitored on an ongoing basis, enter scanning figures when scanning is complete or weaning figures when lambs/calves are weaned.
    * Targets can be updated throughout the year.
    * If you encounter a new disease/condition during the year, your vet can immediately set up a new treatment action plan.
  • Compare production data year on year
    Throughout the health plan steps the previous year's production, target and disease data is displayed side by side so you can instantly compare performance.
  • Concise compact printer friendly pages to avoid printing excess paper
  • Set health plan review dates and update with notes
    Health plan review dates help improve the health planning process. When you enter review dates they're viewable in the calendar and on the health plan cover page. Once the review is complete, take use of the upload documents feature to upload your notes or record them directly into the event completion notes.