Animal Health Planning System Features - Calendar and events management

  • Custom calendar events
    Allows you to create custom calendar events outwith the health plan. e.g. add a reminder to order vaccine, worm the dogs or a treatment given to a sick calf.
  • iCalendar export to access events through your normal Calendar Application
    You can now export your SAHPS calendar as an iCalendar (*.ics) file. Events in your SAHPS calendar can be viewed in your personal Calendar application (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook). Events in your personal calendar will be shown with a hyperlink straight to the detailed event information on your health plan calendar. Events can be easily viewed, updated and printed if need be.
  • Enhanced calendar filters
    Enhanced calendar filters, allowing you to filter on event types, for instance vaccinations or sampling/testing events.
  • Quick link for recording events on mobile devices
    Use your calendar quick link to easily record events via your mobile device which will help you populate your health plan.
  • Colour coded calendar showing scheduled farm events
    Scheduled farm events are colour coded by species and can be displayed in a monthly or yearly calendar view.
  • Calendar list of scheduled farm events
    Details for instance when vaccinations or sampling events are scheduled and to which class of stock it applies.
  • Customisable calendar viewing options
    View clients at a monthly or yearly level as a calendar and/or agenda listing.
  • Record completed events
    Users can logon and mark events as complete updating the date of completion and any comments. This gives the vet feedback on when events were actually completed, as oppose to when they were scheduled.
  • Multi-client "My Calendar" for vet practices
    View a worklist of events for all your clients in one place.